No Snake Oil Here!

Medicare Plan-F Is All I Sell

I know. There are a zillion agents and companies hitting on you each year to change to some new plan (usually when they introduce a new Medicare Advantage (MA) plan.)

You'll get snail-mail (tons of it), robo-calls (that we all hate) and maybe dinner/seminar invites. They are going to spin you a story about how these MA plans cost you nothing and are the "best" deal for you.

It's all about the money... and I'll tell you what the money is when I speak with you... what the carriers get paid from Medicare and what the agents get paid.

If you are new to Medicare, all of this is confusing as hell. Let me make it simple.

Forget all of these zero-cost Medicare Advantage plans. Most of them are crap. Why are they crap? They have high deducts and most of them are either HMOs (a PITA!) with small networks (and I'll bet your doc is not in it!) and most of these MA plans restrict you to one hospital in your area... usually not the one you want to go to!

I sell Medicare Supplemental coverage. There are lots of them but I only sell Plan-F.

If you don't know Plan-F from Planet Zardo, no problem. It doesn't matter. It is what you want... because it is the best... and I'll explain more below.

The Truth

“I don’t want to tell you how much insurance I have with the company, but all I can say is: when I go, they go too.” - Jack Benny, American comedian

No, I'm not going to bore you to tears with a discussion on Medicare. Most of you have read the excellent government publication Medicare and You that the federal government sends you each year (and which you can get a PDF of by clicking here.)

I only sell Medicare Supplements (often called Medigap coverage.) There are a bunch of different plans out there but I only sell ONE of them (well actually two of them... one is a hybrid of the other.)

You can see a nice, simple chart that compares all the plans by clicking here and scrolling about half-way down the page.

The two I sell are Plan-F and its cousin the high-deduct Plan-F (often called a HDF.)

Why do I only sell Plan-F. Because it has the maximum coverage you can get no matter where you live.

Plan-F covers everything Medicare doesn't. No other Medicare Supplemental plan does that.

There are some Medicare Advantage (often called MA plans) that also cover from "soup to nuts" but MA plans are offered by zip code, often are not in many zip codes, and many of them have restrictions on what docs you can see and what hospitals you can go to. I don't like them, I won't own one, and I won't sell them (no matter how good the money is... and it's pretty good too!)

What is high-deduct Plan-F (HDF)? It is the same complete coverage as Plan-F but with a deductible of $2180 (in 2015).

Plan-F is the most expensive supplement you can buy... because it is the best plan you can buy. Depending on zip code, a 65 year old is looking at around $140 a month (and it will go up a few bucks each year.) But a HDF is about one-third that... or around $50 a month.

Why don't I sell other plans? Because I don't think they have the value of either an F or and HDF. For myself and my clients I want the best coverage I can get, no matter what the cost.

I have an F. But if I could not afford an F, for sure I'd have a high-deduct F (HDF.) The decision is easy. Question: Can you afford a Plan-F? If the cost won't be missed, Plan-F is what you want. Is money tight? If so you need to make sure that you can you absorb a deductible of $2180 (it goes up a few dollars each year, too) and you need to understand that you will have to pay out of pocket until you meet the limit. If you are good with that, HDF is what you want.

I can explain these plans in four-part harmony and full orchestration if you like. Just give me a call.

I will only sell you an F or an HDF. If you want a plan with less coverage... call another agent. I'm not the one you want.

"I have never cared what something costs; I care what it's worth" -- Ari Emanuel, CEO, William Morris Endeavor Agency

The Agent

“There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?” – Woody Allen, American comedian

I'm Alan Canton the owner of A.N. Canton Insurance Services, and yes, I'm a one-person, one-dog (an Australian Shepherd,) one-cat agency located in Fair Oaks, CA (just east of Sacramento, CA.)

I write Medicare Supplement Plan-F for clients in Northern California -1-. I have a fair number of victims (oops, I mean clients) throughout the rest of California

Yes this is a site about insurance. So, how come you are not seeing the usual pictures of the happy family at the park, or the robust seniors on the cruise ship, or the group of children at the circus? Why am I showing pill bottles?

I don't have "happy pix" because most insurance agents don't want you to THINK about what you are buying. They would rather you be in some idyllic frame of mind and to think of all the "fun" things in life: family, friends, health, and happiness. They want to con you. Choosing insurance of any kind is serious business and that's how I treat it. No romping Golden Retrievers here!

Unlike others, with me, it's not about the money. Yeah, everyone says that, but for me it's true. I already have money... I don't need to sell you something in order to eat tonight or pay the Netflix bill (but I do have a very expensive wife!)

I'm not going to "snow" you with a lot of hype and sales bull-%$#@.

With me it's about getting you the right Medicare supplement (and there are only two of them) at the right price. Those are serious issues and I want my customers to understand that having the wrong plans can COST them their future or that of their family. How do you put THAT in a picture? You can't do it with a clown and a happy-face!

There are three, and only three, things you must know about me.

  • I am honest.
  • I know what I'm doing.
  • I am not a crook.

If you give me the opportunity to serve you I will do an excellent job. I will assess your needs, and I will help get you through the application process. That’s the service... it’s what I do.

Yes, you could buy right from a carrier website. But it cost you zero dollars to use me or any agent, so why would you do that?

Honestly. I don’t really sell insurance. The carriers do that. I educate you and you decide what you want to do. I sell me. You buy me.

Twenty-four/seven, I’m here.

Need to change your policy? I’m here.

Have an issue with a carrier? I’m here.

Want to call and just chat? I’m here.

Anyone can (and will!) SELL you insurance. I won’t SELL you “a policy.” I will give you the opportunity to BUY what I REALLY sell… peace of mind… knowing that you received the best plan for your money, one that will cover your assets and which you can keep from year to year.

I will earn your business and referrals to your friends, family, and colleagues.

I’m good at this, I like doing a good service for my clients, and if you choose me, I will be proud to have you as a client… and a friend.

Thank you.

-1- Fair Oaks, Folsom, Gold River, Carmichael, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills, Loomis, Colfax, Rocklin, and of course Sacramento

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